Sound + Intention + Self Reflection and Enquiry = Wholeness

Sound therapy when facilitated with self reflection and enquiry is a highly effective way to restore balance and create change on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of self. It has been proven to greatly reduce the effects of stress and offers support to many imbalances whilst facilitating movement through persistent and challenging experiences.  Gracefully you are guided toward your most optimal state of being.

Like shining a light into the deeper layers of consciousness, therapeutic sound brings insight, awareness, renewed perspective and a deepened sense of connection to who you are. As you experience the different sounds, the mind is free to enter into a deep state of relaxation through lowered brainwave activity. This has a beautiful, soothing effect throughout your being and allows for both cellular and energetic restoration. You will emerge from your session feeling clear, renewed and deeply in tune with your inner self.

The addition of self reflective practice offers a wonderful platform for exploring limiting patterns of thinking and provides the opportunity to see a new perspective and possibility for change. A key component of the BAST methodology offered at Sonic Embrace is the concept that sound is the mirror of self. Whatever you experience upon meeting the sound, is a reflection of you. Enquiry into your personal resonance, resistance and release is a fundamental aspect of the process and offers a pathway to achieving sustainable results.

Sound therapy is not only beneficial during times of imbalance, it forms a valuable part of any self care regime and offers a wonderful tool for transformation, personal development and successful life management.

Rebecca is a highly skilled sound therapist who brings a burst of joy to all she offers. She has performed and studied with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and has completed extensive training with The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) in one on one sound therapy, tuning fork therapy, gong therapy, therapeutic soundbaths and interactive group processes. Aside from working with the BAST methodology, she also offers intuitive sound experiences and workshops that bring together her skill and expertise in other areas of vibrational therapies, health and wellbeing.
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