Gong Therapy is especially suited to those moments when you feel stuck or like some part of your being is tightly holding on to an old way of being or pattern of tension. They work magic through deeply held constructs and facilitate powerful release, often showing a clear way forward. Depending on your needs, Gong work can serve to relax or to stimulate movement and energy. Whether you find yourself in a hypo or hyper state, a score can be created to support you in achieving balance. When Rebecca was doing her case studies, she discovered that those with persistent, physical discomfort such as muscular aches, back pain, general tension and stiffness found lasting relief with Gong work.

During a one on one Gong session, high quality Paiste Gongs are chosen from Rebecca's collection based on their sound character.  She then composes a therapeutic Gong score specifically targeted to meet your needs, finishing off with grounding percussion.  As the sound enters your being, you observe the metamorphosis of the construct identified prior to treatment. Once you've received the sound you and Rebecca enter into a discussion of your resonance, resistance and release.

Your first appointment includes time to discuss any relevant medical history as well as your needs and focus for this present moment.  The treatment is non-invasive, client centred and facilitated with care and compassion.  The Gongs are a beautiful sonic tool to experience, rich in harmonics and subtle textures.  The vibrations of them can be felt resonating within the body, resulting in a gentle and pleasurable sensation of being massaged from within.

Gong Therapy is beneficial for

  • Gently provoking deep release of egoic constructs and patterns of belief
  • Reducing physical discomfort such as pain, tension, muscular aches and stiffness
  • Supporting deep states of relaxation and expanded awareness
  • Taking a deeper look at challenging experiences and emotional states
  • Silencing the mind and awakening inner power

Gong Therapy is contraindicated during the first trimester of pregnancy, with certain types of epilepsy and in severe cases of psychological imbalance.  A letter from your treating specialist may be required if you wish to proceed under these circumstances.

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