Interactive group sessions are a beautiful way to experience lightness and joy as you actively participate in your journey toward wholeness. These sessions offer an opportunity to exercise your creativity and encourage self expression through the use of easy to play sonic tools.  Absolutely no musical experience is required and you will be guided through the use and care of the instruments provided.  Please check out the events page for dates or contact Rebecca to organise your own group of 6.

Exploring Personal Narrative - Individually explore a limiting belief, feeling or behaviour and gently transform it through the creation of a group soundscape.  This is a deeply cathartic journey through sound and is offered over 4 hours.   Enter into a space where all are encouraged to truly open and express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Rhythm of Life Drumming - A unique drumming session where rhythm and its relationship to your life is explored through different exercises.  Feel the different drum beats move through your body as you observe the effects across the levels of being.  Identify the main rhythm of your life and discover your rhythm "vitamin" and how this can be applied to create inner balance through the principal of entrainment.  The session is finished up with a percussive jam session led by your own intuition.  Frame drums with beaters are used for this session and Rebecca is able to provide drums for up to 6 people.  All other percussive instruments are supplied.  This session may be offered over a 2 or 3 hour time frame. 

Drumming and Percussion Circle - Participate in a one hour session of drumming and percussive play.  Let yourself go and have fun whilst exploring different percussive instruments and rhythms created in the moment. 

Sonic Art - An interactive group session for the purpose of self expression and creative play whilst also serving to develop confidence and co-operation skills.  An art piece, story, poem or concept is reflected upon and each group then orchestrates a soundscape reflecting that piece, creating a sonic picture to be shared with the other group.  These sessions are offered in a safe and supportive environment and no musical skill is required.

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