Rebecca is available to come to your home or destination of choice and offer a sonic experience tailored for you.  This is a wonderful opportunity to gather with a group of friends and share in a meaningful experience together.  Alternatively, you are welcome to organise a private group session in St Agnes with a minimum of 4 attendees.

A sound session with friends provides a unique social activity whilst facilitating inner connection, profound awareness and deep, inner nurturing.  The session not only benefits you and your friends but also your home! Sound moves through your surroundings and passes through the walls so your home receives a vibrational cleansing and blessing in the process.

Included in each session:

  • All sessions commence and conclude with a colour infusion of the auric field using the beautiful products of Aura-Soma Colour Care.
  • Relaxation sessions begin and end with a verbal meditation.  Beautiful sounds are played for 45 minutes to an hour. 

Sound experiences you may wish to organise include:

  • Gong Meditations 
  • Interactive "Rhythm of Life" Drumming sessions or percussion circle
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Immersion
  • Therapeutic Soundbaths featuring Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs and Percussion

The cost for this opportunity varies on a few factors such as distance, the number of participants and the kind of session you're interested in so if you'd like to know more, please contact Rebecca on 8264 3923.  Generally speaking, the minimum call out fee is $300 which allows up to an hour travel one way.  For groups of 10+ the fee is $30 per person which is the standard fee for group sessions.  Venue hire, if required, is an additional fee to be covered and arranged by the organiser.

Please note - Therapeutic Soundbaths and Sound Immersion with Crystal Singing Bowls requires a certain amount of space for set up.  If you are limited for space, a Gong Meditation may be your best option.

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