Sonic Massage is a wonderful experience for easing muscular tension. Many report that the sound travels to areas difficult to treat through hands on bodywork and feel an instant sense of ease. Himalayan singing bowls are placed on your back and played so you feel the sound vibrations working deeply through your body, stimulating energy flow. It may form a part of your one on one sound therapy, or you may prefer to experience it as a stand alone session. Treatments are non-invasive and performed whilst you are fully clothed.  For some it may be a safe and gentle way to experience a form of bodywork if you are sensitive to, or challenged by physical touch.

Sonic Massage is beneficial for

  • Easing muscular tension and physical discomfort
  • Stimulating energy flow through the spinal coloumn and chakra system
  • Dissolving energy blockages through the energetic pathways
  • Bringing you into a deeper connection with your body
  • Encouraging you to move from an overactive mind and into stillness
  • Gently awakening Kundalini

These beautiful sessions facilitate an emptying of the mind which enables you to move deeper into peace. It's as though your thoughts simply fade away allowing you to be more present in the moment.  Other instruments such as the Dreamharp, Wings Freenotes and Elfen Energy Chimes may also be introduced into your treatment and played upon you.