Tuning Fork treatments introduce kinesiology techniques which are used to determine the flow of treatment each step of the way. This enhances the session by ensuring your exact needs are met with the precise frequencies to facilitate a desirable shift in consciousness. The energy of tuning forks are extremely focused and are amazing for clearing the dense energy patterns created by memories held on the cellular level of awareness. The purity and simplicity of the sound touches quite a profound level of self and is something many find incredibly enjoyable especially when multiple forks are struck together to create beautiful intervals.

Tuning Fork Therapy is beneficial for

  • General balancing
  • Transforming specific negative beliefs and patterns of thinking
  • Dissolving the charge around traumatic experiences
  • Supporting focus, relaxation and mental balance with Brainsound forks
  • Working with fears / phobias and for reinforcing positive flow on all levels
  • Shifting persistent emotional states
  • Useful during those times when you can't quite put your finger on exactly what is holding you back                                                                                                                                                             During your first treatment, time is allowed for each individual tuning fork to be introduced in to your awareness.  Once this has been completed, we proceed to muscle testing to determine the nature and sequence of the session.  After each "correction" is applied we discuss the meaning for you and then proceed onto the next one until testing shows the process is complete.

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