If you'd like to incorporate a soundbath at your yoga centre, event, retreat or place of business, please get in touch using the contact form or call Rebecca on 0421378587

Rebecca is available to come to your home and offer a sonic experience tailored for you. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather with a group of friends and share in a meaningful experience.

A sound session with friends provides a unique social activity whilst facilitating inner connection, profound awareness and deep, inner nurturing. The session not only benefits you and your friends but also your home! Sound moves through your surroundings and passes through the walls so your home receives a vibrational cleansing and blessing in the process.

Alternatively, you're welcome to arrange a private group session from my space in St Agnes for between 2 and 9 attendees.

Sound experiences you may wish to organise include...

  • Gong Meditations 
  • Interactive "Rhythm of Life" Drumming sessions or percussion circle
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation
  • Therapeutic Soundbaths featuring Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, gongs and percussion

You can explore a full list of experiences by clicking here and scrolling down.

The cost for this opportunity varies on a few factors such as distance, the number of participants and the kind of session you're interested in hosting. If you'd like to know more, please contact Rebecca on 0421378587 or use the contact form in the menu.

Please note - Therapeutic Soundbaths and Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations require a certain amount of space for set up. If you are limited for space, a Gong Meditation may be your best option.

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